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We are a renowned immigration consultant from Surrey, BC, Canada, offering immigration consultation and settlement support services by providing right advice in effective and timely manner. Coast Immigration's vision is to provide friendly, compassionate and competitive service to client with absolute attention and in case of urgency we priorities and make sure that client's status is maintained.

Express Entry

Express Entry

Become a permanent resident of Canada based on your skills and experience.. learn more



Work in BC with an offer of employment or make a specific investment in the province and actively manage the business.. learn more

Work Permit

Work Permit

Work temporarily in Canada under your canadian employer.. learn more

GCMS Notes

Get insides of your application file with CGMS notes.. learn more

Apply for Citizenship

Let us help you apply for your Canadian Citizenship, we will guide you what you need.. learn more

PR Card

Need to apply for PR Card or wants to renew it. We can help you with your this.. learn more

Change of Visa Status

Wants to change your Canadian Visa status.. learn more

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