PR Card

A permanent resident (PR) card is a form of identification issued by the Canadian government that proves permanent residency status. A valid PR card (or Permanent Resident Travel Document/PRTD from your local visa office if you have not yet moved to Canada) is required in order to return to Canada; without one of these, you will not be permitted to board a flight. You are still a PR even if your card expires. You will no longer be a PR when you have received citizenship.

You can only apply for a PR card if:

  • You live in Canada
  • You didn't receive a PR card within 180 days of immigrating to Canada
  • Your PR card has expired or will expire in less than nine months
  • Your PR card has been lost, stolen, or destroyed
  • You legally changed your name

If you informed the IRCC of your mailing address when you landed in Canada as permanent resident, you will automatically receive a PR card free of charge. If you did not inform the Canadian government of your mailing address, you have 180 days after arriving in Canada to receive a card without fee.

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